"Evening Primrose Oil: Your Secret Weapon Against PMS"

Evening Primrose

The truth about PMS is that the worst symptoms are due to nutritional deficiencies. Over the counter PMS aids treat the symptoms, but don’t touch the root cause. That is where natural remedies like the powerful oil from evening primrose come in.

Just what is Evening Primrose Oil?

The evening primrose grows in the wild throughout North America. For centuries, Native Americans used this plant in brews or as salves for wounds. The seeds of this plant contain up to 25% of linoleic acid (LA) and gamma-linolenic acid, (GLA).

These acids are rarely found in the plant world, but evening primrose contains an astonishing amount of these beneficial acids.

You’ve heard of omega fatty acids, like those found in fish oil. LA and GLA are in the omega-6 fatty acid family. These are essential acids that we must consume, because they are not produce by our bodies.

What Role Evening Primrose Oil Play In PMS Relief

The benefits of evening primrose oil are numerous. As an anti-inflammatory agent, evening primrose oil helps sooth menstrual cramps. Or, if you suffer from breast tenderness, evening primrose oil will provide relief so that putting on a bra is no longer an excruciating experience. Evening primrose oil also helps with mood irregularities. If you become a stranger to yourself and your friends when you are suffering from PMS because of wild mood swings and depression, this is due to hormonal imbalances in your body. Evening primrose oil helps promote a balance between estrogen and progesterone so you will feel like yourself again.

You can also enjoy long term benefits from evening primrose oil, besides just PMS relief. The fatty acids lead to shiny, beautiful hair and strong nails. Evening primrose oil has also proven to combat clogged pores and help prevent acne breakouts. If you have difficulty conceiving, evening primrose oil promotes uterine health.

Where to find Evening Primrose Oil For PMS Treatment

Evening primrose oil can be found in gel-filled capsules. In oil form, it must be refrigerated and cannot come into contact with any sunlight, or it will spoil. Since it is a finicky substance, you should buy a blend of evening primrose oil in pill form. Luckily, Period Vitamin contains the optimal amount of evening primrose oil, paired with other vitamins and herbs that combat PMS. Period Vitamin is the perfect pill to fight even the worst of your PMS symptoms!

Combine Primrose Oil with These Vitamins and Minerals For Period Pain Relief

Did you know that when combined with other vitamins and minerals, primrose oil can actually boost its own medicinal powers, in addition to that of others?

period vitaminFor example, when taken with calcium, magnesium and iron, evening primrose oil can help boost their ability to help the blood absorb and carry vital nutrients throughout the body,  giving you the energy boost you need to succeed. 

When combined with vitamins C, A and E, evening primrose oil can boost its own efforts to improve uterine health.  Both the vitamins and the evening primrose oil help to balance out the production of estrogen and progesterone, which then reduces mood swings, irritability and PMS-related acne.

In short, evening primrose is like the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to fighting PMS!

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