Brown Discharge: What’s Normal, and What Isn’t?


If you’ve been experiencing brown discharge during your period, then chances are that you’re a bit worried about what it all means.

Does brown discharge indicate an infection?  Is it a symptom of pregnancy?  Should you go to the doctor to get these symptoms checked out?

If this sounds familiar, then relax: brown discharge is a normal part of any menstrual cycle, as it’s just old blood that your body is clearing out in preparation for your next ovulation cycle. 

Think of your uterus as a self-cleansing oven – the brown discharge is just the extra stuff that didn’t come out during the first cleaning.

What's Causing Brown Vaginal Discharge?

However, brown discharge during your period can often be a sign that you’re not getting the right kind of vitamins and minerals.  

Health experts have long known that blood needs to be fuelled with certain nutrients – like iron and calcium – in order to effectively process oxygen.When our blood gets all of the oxygen it needs, it provides that bright red color we’re so familiar with.  But if our blood isn’t getting an optimal amount of oxygen, the blood will take on a brown color, much like the dark discharge you’re getting during your period.

So how can you prevent this Dark Brown Discharge and restore your body back to its optimum health levels?

Simple: you should fuel your body with the right kind of vitamins and minerals it needs to succeed!
It’s no secret that blood needs iron in order to effectively process our levels of oxygen.  But did you know that when combined with calcium and vitamin C, our bodies can boost our iron intake as well? 

Think of calcium and vitamin C as a dynamic duo, as both of these nutrients help the other in boosting blood flow and keeping the body Period Vitaminenergized.  Because of this, many health experts often recommend taking a nutritional supplement that combines calcium and vitamin C together, such as Period Vitamin

Iron and magnesium intake is also vitally important to preventing that brown discharge from ever appearing again.  In fact, when taken with Mother Nature’s finest herbs – such as evening primrose oil and white willow bark – our bodies can process iron faster, resulting in a healthier blood color during your period.

Other herbs, minerals and vitamins have also been known to effectively combat the dark discharge that often results from periods.  Look for a supplement with a high-potency combination of vitamins B-1 and B-2, folic acid, wild yam, vitamins E and K-1, niacin and pantothenic acid.