Why go for pills and potions when you have natural remedies for PMS?


Herbal Remedies

You might have been fed up of searching for natural remedies for pms. Stop your search. You have come to the right place.

We're here to guide you out of your troubles in the most natural way possible. Simple changes in your daily diet and couple of other easy changes in your lifestyle are just enough to help you out of pms.

Being a woman ourselves, we're understand the hard times. If you are suffering from the following problems few days before your menstruation every month, then this is for you:

You get angry and frustrated with people around you. You want to shout at somebody and husbands are the scapegoats most of the times.

You feel that people around you are doing something against you. You want to change their attitudes and change the way they behave towards you.

This mood fluctuation in quite common and do not worry, natural remedies for pms is there to help you come out of these tantrums.

Your sexual urge gets heightened few days before menstruation and you feel like urinating quite often. This is because, your uterus presses your urinary bladder and this will get reduced as the menstruation starts.

You feel tenderness and slight pain in your breasts. You also get gastric problems and acidity problems. You feel pain in your body parts especially in thighs, stomach and head. Your weight will increase slightly.

You eat more and sleep more. You feel like vomiting. You feel tired even after hours of taking rest. You like to lie down all the time doing no work. But you think your house is untidy and want to clean it up in spite of all the bodily aches.

How to Get Rid of Period Pain with PMS Remedies:

If you have all or few of the feelings that I have mentioned above, do not worry. This is quite common and natural. Now I could hear you murmuring, ‘I have enough problems. Instead of repeating them, give me natural remedies for pms’. That’s what my focus is on. A lot of women take birth control pills and pain killer tablets. My suggestion is to “Stop them all”. They will give you unwanted side effects. Continuous usage painkillers will cause kidney malfunctions. Follow these steps and you will be perfectly alright.

Avoid oily food items and take light and simple foods. Avoid starchy foods like potatoes that will cause disturbances in stomach.

There will be fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. So eat in small volumes. This will also reduce the feeling of vomiting.

Calcium deficiency during those times is the cause of body aches. So take calcium rich foods like milk. This will reduce the severity of problems.

Sometimes you feel extremely tired and sometimes you feel extremely energetic. To balance this, perform aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming or cycling. Take bath in warm water after your workouts. You will feel fresher than ever.

When you feel tensed and want to shout at others before you, sit down if you are standing, lie down if you are sitting. This will reduce your stress.

Do meditation. Sit down and relax your body and mind. Feel your soul rising up above you and tell your soul to be calm. This self-advice will be of much help to you.

When you have started natural remedies for PMS, never revert to old methods of taking pills and painkillers. Be confident. You will be alright!